Warwick China Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Proposed Topics

Business in China: Is China still worth venturing into?

For the past decade, China has been having an influx of Foreign Direct Investment into the nation, to take advantage of the cheap labour available. However, due to global influences, China has been experiencing high levels of wage inflation, increasing the cost of labour and inducing firms to move south to Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam to exploit the cheap labours there. How sustainable is China’s competitiveness? Will China remain globally competitive while other countries like India and Vietnam are offering better advantages to foreign investors? Will the Asian Giant still hold its vibrant place?

Chinese Foreign Policy: Is Chinese foreign policy likely to undergo a transformation under the new leadership?

As China is gaining more prominence on the global arena, the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region is beginning to shift. This resulted in multiple disputes in the region and is seemingly leading to instability. At this crucial junction, China is in the progress of changing new leadership. As the number two economic powerhouse in the world, any change on its foreign policy will shake the world. However, the world knows little about the new leaders of China and their plans for the future. Are we going to see more of China in the global arena taking a much more proactive approach or is it going to focus on its domestic issues and retain its non-interventional and peaceful rise policy? How will this affect the international power play?


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