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Peking Debate Forum

A series of presentations by speakers at the forefront of the respective academic research will be invited to the summit. They serve as the keynote speakers for the event that sets the tone of the summit. The debate forum will help to provide a good knowledge foundation to the issues that the summit is going to discuss. The speakers can choose to continue to serve as a discussant for Peking Forum next day to open their discussion to a wider audience group based on the topics of the specific panels.


This is designed as a debating forum between top academics, and the aim of that is to raise the collaboration of different opinions and to widen the horizon of students in Warwick University. We are inviting two speakers for each topics and the speakers should be holding opposite opinions.

  • Opening Speech: Each speaker will give a 20 minutes presentation and express their main opinion.
  • Rebuttal: The speakers will question each other and rebut for three rounds of 2 minutes each.
  • Audience questioning: The audience will question the speakers moderated by the emcee.
  • Closing speech: Each speaker will make a conclusion.

In between each section, the audience will raise a playcard with “Agree” and “Disagree” to justify the arguement of the speakers.


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