Warwick China Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Proposed topics

The forum will last for 3 hours, with each topic lasting 60 minutes. The topics we will be discussing at the forum are especially thought-provoking and we believe will elicit a plethora of contribution from all participants of the forum. The proposed topics are as followed:

To what extend is ASEAN maintaining the stability of the region?

After the announcement of Mr. Obama early 2012, USA is exerting more influence in Asia Pacific Region. Due to its strategic geographical location, ASEAN countries are becoming a moderating body between major powers in the Pacific. Every decision by ASEAN has great implication on the stability of the Pacific region, notably, its policy towards the South China Sea. As a result of the increasing tension between the major powers in Asia over territory disputes, ASEAN countries are bcoming ever important and significantly under exposed. The discussion will help participants to understand the situation in the Pacific region from different perspectives. Knowledge from the discus- sion will also be valueable asset to the participants of Model East Asia Summit to be held the next day.

Socialism vs Capitalism: The future of economic system

The crisis of Western liberal capitalism has coincided with the rise of a powerful new form of state capitalism in emerging markets. The rapid economic development of China and Russia seem to have provided a new hope for developing countries; while the economic turmoil in the traditional developed countries give rise to increasing doubt about the established economic theories. The topic will explore the future of economic system by looking at an alternative to the mainstream economic system in the world.

Should firms stay local or go global in the current economic situation?
Despite the increasingly prominent role China is playing in the world, numerous Chi- nese firms still find it difficult to adapt to the global market. Similarly, in the UK, strong multinationals seem less healthy than successful companies that stick closer to home. Ultimately, this is a global issue faced be every firm in the world due to the rapid pace of globalisation. How could firms cope with the globalised world and should they tend to the local or go global?


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