Warwick China Public Affairs and Social Service Society

The Peking Conference will be participated by speakers of different views and moderated by our emcee. The emcee is expected to introduce each topic and prompt the speaker and the audience to develop their discussion throughout the discussion. This will help the forum to light up sparks and stimulate interactions between the guest speakers, allowing diversed perspectives to be generated in the forum. The emcee will also choose the appropriate time to give permission to the audience to express their views. This will ensure the effective cross interactions between the speakers and students in the forum.

Distinct from other conventional forums, Peking Conference defies the orthodoxical, bilateral communication between either side of the guest speakers. The audience is given the rights to raise questions and contribute ideas continuously. Therefore, the breakthrough from traditional practice helps to establish a multicultural platform allowing free exchange of ideas among the participants of the summit. The discussion points of each topic shall be informed via email and direct communication with each speaker.

  • Setting: The conference will feature a panel of speakers from all over the UK. The speakers will take either side of the panel depending on their views.
  • Introduction: Each speaker will make a short introduction on their stand on the topic within two minutes.
  • Discussion: The emcee will point out the key points in the introductions made and prompt the speakers to further their respective opinions of the topic. The speakers are encouraged to rebut on each other’s opinions.
  • Play-card: Throughout the discussion, the audience can raise the placard provided to express their support or disagreement with the opinions on the floor.
  • Questioning: Audiences can raise questions directing to the panel or express their own opinions on the topics. Questions are taken three at a time facilitated by the emcee.
  • Answering: Each round of question panel will be replied and rebutted by the professors to further establish their views, attempting to convince the audience.
  • Conclusion: At the end of the debate, each speaker will conclude their standing with a short summary.

Each member of the audience will be given a placyard with “Agree” and “Disagree” on either side upon entry. Presenter will be presented to moderate the event and allow timely progression.



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