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Peking Conference

Warwick Peking Conference is the centre of this summit, while the conference shall be conducted in the form of an open discussion focusing on a contested topic based on the central theme “Coping with Globalisation – The new world order”. This conference is a continuity event from Peking Forum organised in 2012 by CPASS. Throughout the open discussion the attendees with a platform upon which to exchange knowledge, think creatively and debate current issues, all in an environment that is both thought-provoking and engaging. We deem that the debating forum will present as a significant first step for the multilateral exchange of opinions between guest speakers and students on globally concerned topics. Each particular topic has two to three debatable points to be discussed. The guest speakers are expected to present their professional views firmly to stimulate academic discussions.

Date and time: February 1st 2013, 16:00-19:00

The event will be conducted in three sessions, tackling Business, Politics and Internca- tional Relations respecively. Each of the topic will last approximately 60 minutes.

Venue: MS.02, University of Warwick

MS.02 is chosen as it can accommdate up to 300 people and its interior design that perfectly matches the nature of our forum, where audience are all arranged in close proximity with the speakers, to boost interactions.


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