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Peking Summit at Warwick 2013

Peking Summit 2013

Globalisation has been realised as the very central topic to the world in the 21st Century. The perceptual shift required for countries, companies and individuals to remain competitive in a global market where historical and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant. The increasingly intensive competition has also brought a number of opportunities and threats to the world.

As a result, China Public Affairs and Social Service Society (CPASS), an international society which embraces inter-cultural discussions on contested issues and promotes critical thinking, proposes to hold the Peking Summit 2013 at Warwick, to provide a platform for students and professors alike share their unique perspectives on issues of global importance. The summit will also be graced by students from Peking University, a top academic institution in China, further providing views and perspective from an international perspective.

The theme of Warwick Peking Summit will be fixed as,

“Coping with globalisation, the new world order for the leaders of tomorrow”

This encompasses the broader spheres of the social science including politics, economics, international relations and the commerce-based topics. On the other hand, our main reason behind composing this main theme is a multilateral exchange of opinions between the scholars of the universities and the leaders of the academia on mutually interested topics and ground of interaction. This wide scope maximizes the interaction between speakers and students while it remains in tune with today’s dire issue.

Sponsored by: Vice-Chancellor’s Office


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