Warwick China Public Affairs and Social Service Society



20130114-013001.jpgEstablished in October 2010, China Public Affairs and Social Service Society aims to empower the thinking ability of the society members, which consist of both international students from China and local students that are interested in the Middle Kingdom. It allows members to work with one another, enhancing their team-working and social skills. Since its creation, CPASS has organised numerous successful events, leading to the recognition and support from the Vice-Chancellor and the International Office of the University of Warwick. We believe that CPASS is a thriving society that will become increasingly influential in the university.

The foundation of CPASS rests on three pillars: Professionalism, Commitment, Servitude. These values propel us forward. We aim to further our current achievements by exploring within the international arena and actively seeking out multilateral collaboration with international organisations. By immersing in the value of professionalism, commitment and servitude, CPASS hopes to create a platform for our members to improve their capability, widen their horizon and gain a global perspective.

Our Mission: Serve the People

As an international student, have you ever wonder what are the reasons for you to leave your beloved home and venture into a foreign land miles and miles away from home, leaving family and friends behind? The answer is strikingly simple. In this increasingly intense and competitive society, we have to stand out to survive. studying abroad not only allow us to broaden our horizon, widen social networks and most important of all, also strengthen our ability and hence competitiveness.

“You will know how little you know of this world, when you clearly the situation while studying abroad.” By stepping out of the comfort zone and into a new unfamiliar foreign learn, we are presented countless opportunities to learn, from daily events such as meeting and working with people of different cultural background to expanding our horizon regarding the world. In addition, in this era of rapid technological change and globalisation where information to just immerse in the knowledge of the textbook. We have to constantly upgrade our knowledge from time to time regarding current affairs. Right now, requirements such as being tech savy, updated with current affairs, with strong team-working ability and communication skills are all

With top-notched students coming from all over the world, first class academic facilities and distinguished lecturers, it is not surprising that University of Warwick is not just a member of Russell Group but also a renowned university in Europe and around the world. With the motto of serving people, CPASS, has utilised fully the resources available and organised events such as: Peking Forum, All England Debating Competition and Asia Summit with the main purpose of empowering the thinking ability of the students and at the same time Within a short spam of two years, CPASS has managed university, with up to 300 members. Recently, the society has also cooperated with eight other top UK universities as well as Tsinghua University in China in the already-held Yunnan Volunteering Trip 2012.